On the fear of man and tomorrow

Oh to fear you, Lord, alone,
Rightly see your majesty;
Oh to fear you, Lord, alone,
What can mortals do to me??

You have brought me to these heights
Why should man deserve my fright?
Man could never touch my hair
If you don’t place his hand there.

You can humble me again,
Crown my head with ash and pain,
That too will be for my good,
Though use human hands you would.

Where I’ve come to be today
You ordained it yesterday,
Bring your will for me to pass
I shall know it in reverse.

I don’t know tomorrow’s where
But I’ll serve my Jesus there,
Love his saints and watch my feet,
Ponder his desires to meet.

When my Christ receives me home
Where’s and how’s will not consume,
Earthly costs or comforts great
Won’t compare with glory’s weight.

Oh to fear you, Lord, alone,
Calmly trust your tapestry.
Oh to fear you, Lord alone,
What can mortals do for me??